After you turn on Camp Wahsega Rd you will go 4.7 miles and down a long straight hill.  At the bottom you will see Bull Creek Rd on your right and we have a large green sign pointing to the right. Turn right on Bull Creek Road and go about 200 yards.  You will see our sign on the right. Make a very sharp right hand turn up a black top driveway (if you are on a gravel road you missed it). We are at the top of the hill.

If you are using a GPS, set it for Main Street, Dahlonega.  Once you are there, then enter our address: 144 Bull Creek Road.  It will ask you either East or West.  Punch in either one, the GPS doesn’t recognize just plain Bull Creek Road.  Our driveway to the Lodge is actually right at the split of  East and West Bull Creek Road (a sharp right turn onto the blacktop driveway at the split). But if you set our address in from your home, Garmin may well take you the shortest route over remote, gravel forest service roads. By setting to downtown first, you will also see how to get back to town.

If you are arriving after dark, our signs by the lodge driveway are well lighted. If you have any problems or are running late, just call us at (706) 864-2337 and we will guide you in.